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Ben Murphy


Ben has a wealth of experience in advising on GDPR both in PWC as well as in private practice. Specialising in GDPR advice for barristers, chambers and law firms, Ben has a key eye for detail and a friendly, practical approach and is committed to ensuring clients achieve LOCS:23 certification quickly and effectively.

He also has extensive experience in helping Briefed achieve the LOCS:23 standard. During this process, he was instrumental in identifying while it was important to have all the required policy documents in place, these were only as effective as the internal processes behind them. He understood that a strong focus on data security were equally important and engaged heavily with our IT stakeholders, which significantly expedited the LOCS:23 implementation process.

This real-world experience can prove to be invaluable for any organisation that is striving to meet the LOCS:23 standard and seeking to enhance their data security measures.

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Ben Murphy
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