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Chris Roberts

Principal Consultant

Chris has been helping develop and deploy digital technology into our world since 1983!  He deeply understands the fabric of our digital world, and communicates this in ways, that help others truly engage in this important aspect of both our business and personal lives.


Whether it is supporting businesses educate the board and the senior leadership team, acting as a virtual DPO, guiding implementation of data and cyber measures or supporting when breaches and DSARs arise, Chris’ ability to help solve practical problems is front and centre of the solutions he delivers.


As a LOCS:23 Implementor, Chris will guide businesses through the process effectively and efficiently through the gap analysis and subsequent phases of a project that together can lead to certification.


Chris runs Cybata, a South Wales based, specialist Data Protection and Cyber consultancy business that helps organisations understand data risk and deploy appropriate risk reduction measures. He is a member of COPRNET, a Steering Group member of the Wales Fraud Forum and Cyber Wales and was the Co-Founder of the GDPR Alliance


Chris’ practical experience in supporting businesses that rely on digital technology makes him an ideal LOCS:23 Approved Assessor/Implementor.

Chris Roberts
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