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Orlagh Kelly

Barrister & CEO

Orlagh is a highly experienced barrister, and internationally renowned authority on data protection and GDPR. In a distinguished legal career spanning two decades she has represented clients in almost 2,000 court cases, featured as an expert commentator on, BBC TV & Radio, and participated in dozens of industry panel events.

With expertise in GDPR and data protection, she leads a highly respected team of regulatory specialists in the UK and Ireland, delivering innovative GDPR training solutions. Her skills have helped numerous organizations navigate the tricky waters of regulatory compliance to avoid ICO investigations, financial sanctions, and reputational harm. She has also been instrumental in certifying over 3,000 barristers and more than 10,000 professionals from diverse backgrounds in the UK, Ireland, and the US.

Her extensive experience makes her the ideal partner to assist organisations in achieving LOCS:23.

028 9621 6345

Orlagh Kelly
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