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LOCS:23 Qualified Consultancies

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Become a LOCS:23 Qualified Consultancy and provide consultancy support to organisations wanting to comply with the LOCS:23 standard and prepare for officially recognised certification.

Clients may wish simply to apply the LOCS:23 standard across their organisation to give themselves peace of mind knowing they comply with UK GDPR or they may wish to achieve official certification through an independent UKAS approved Certification Body.

Qualified Consultancy

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1 Excellent working knowledge of Data Protection regulation.

2 Completion of Introduction to LOCS:23 e-learning.

3 Minimum of 2 consultants with annual completion of LOCS:23 Approved Implementor e-learning.

4 Annual LOCS:23 licence (based on size of organisation).

5 Contact details MUST be published in Qualified Consultancy Register.

Consultancy Benefits

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1 Approved Expertise in currently the only officially recognised Certification for legal services.

2 One year's registration in the publicly available LOCS:23 Qualified Consultancy register. (requires annual renewal).


3 Revenue stream through consultancy services.

4 Use of LOCS:23 Qualified Consultancy logo (requires annual expertise renewal).

5 Access to exclusive LOCS:23 templates.

Apply for Qualified Consultancy status here

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