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Privacy Management System

SAR compliance

About the Solution

Compliance doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t need to be an operational burden, it doesn’t even require a team of consultants. All you really need is a good bit of software and a little bit of time.


The Dashboard is the area where you can review your organisation's alignment progress to GDPR compliance. It shows an overview progress for all of the individual modules. It’s also the area where companies who are subscribed to the DPO support service can raise and manage support queries.


Processes Module

The Processes Module has been developed to intelligently capture all of your data processing activities. This includes purpose & lawful basis for processing, aligned data systems, 3rd parties, international transfers and any associated risks.

  • Helps make capturing processing activities quick & simple.

  • No need to be a data privacy expert to use.

  • Intelligently links with other modules to save time.

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