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Cathy Kirby

Senior Consultant

Cathy Kirby is a Legal Technology Consultant with many years of experience in ensuring data compliance and management, through practical operational and technical solutions.

Whilst Director of IT for a regional Law-Firm Cathy was responsible, alongside the DPO, for the firms Data Protection stance creating relevant policies and procedures and implementing the required technology.

Through this and subsequent Consultancy engagements, Cathy has a deep understanding of the legal, technical, and organisational aspects of data protection and privacy, and she can provide practical and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

Cathy is passionate about helping organisations protect their data assets and enhance their approach by adopting the LOCS:23 standard, which is a comprehensive framework for data security and governance. She is looking forward to assisting clients in obtaining the LOCS:23 certification, demonstrating their commitment to data excellence and best practice.

Cathy is a valuable asset for any organisation that wants to achieve or maintain the LOCS:23 standard and ensure their data protection and privacy compliance.

Cathy Kirby
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